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BeYOND VIII – ITER and beyond

13 September 2018, KIT Campus South, Building 11.30, 3rd Floor

Moderation: Domenica Riecker-Schwörer


09:00 – 09:15  Welcome, BeYOND VIII

Professor Dr. Thomas Hirth,  KIT, Germany  Vice president Innovation and International Affairs 


09:15 – 10:45  VIP-Session, ITER and beyond

Christopher Dorn, ITER, France  Use of Beryllium in the ITER Project
Prof. Anton Möslang, KIT, Germany Overview ITER oriented work at KIT
Dr. Masaru Nakamichi,  QST, Japan  Beryllium pebble and its properties
Dr. Yi-Hyun Park  NFRI, Korea Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Pebble Bed using Laser Flash
Prof. Marek Rubel,  KTH, Sweden  Beryllium dust in the JET tokamak: dust sources and analytics
Dr. Christian Lungu,  INFLPR, Romania  Beryllium marker tiles preparation and characterization
Dr. Viacheslav Kuksenko Experimental investigation of proton & ion irradiation damage in Be

10:45 - 11:00 Coffee break


11:00 – 12:45  Session, Progress & State of the Art

Dr. Benjamin Spilker, FZJ, Germany Performance Estimation of Beryllium as Plasma Facing Material
Dr. Jörg Reimann, KIT, Germany HCPB: Influence of pebble geometry on thermomechanical behaviour
Felix Gensch,  INGWERK, Germany Hot Extrusion of Electrodes for REM
Dr. Petr Kurinskiy,  QST, Japan   Fabrication and characterization of Be12V pebbles
Dr. Ramil Gaisin, KIT, Germany Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Structure & Properties of Be-Ti Rods
Oliver Leys,  KIT, Germany Production of advanced ceramic breeder pebbles

12:45 - 13:30 Lunch


13:30 - 15:40 Session: Functional Materials Cooperation

Dr. Dirk Radloff,  KIT, Germany FUSION needs in maintaining the competence
Dr. Masaru Nakamichi, QST, Japan Qualification of Beryllium- and Beryllide-Pebbles
Keigo Nojiri, NGK Insulators, LTD, Japan Possible industrial support
Keith Smith, MATERION, USA MATERION Update on functional materials
Christopher Dorn, Be4FUSION Assumptions for Material Selection & Feasibility
Aniceto Goraieb, KBHF, Germany Work on Beryllides done by KBHF, KIT, TU-Berlin

Discussion: “Kick off” for the Cooperation, Timeframe & Milestones





15:50 Bus Transfer to KIT Campus North, Lab Tour

17:40 Bus Transfer to Dinner Location, Pfalz

18:45 - 21:30 Workshop Dinner, Pfalz