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Dr. Wilhelm Pfleging
Group Leader

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Call for Paper for our Special Issue in

Applied Sciences

"Laser Processing and Advanced Manufacturing of Microscale Energy Storage Devices"


Chapter 14:

Laser Printing and Laser Structuring of Materials for Energy Storage

H. Kim, P. Smyrek, Y. Zheng, W. Pfleging, and A. Piqué


Laser Processing Technology


At IAM-AWP, laser processing technology is used in basic and application specific research within the Helmholtz program NANOMIKRO. The R&D topics include functionalization of material properties, microjoining technologies and 3D shaping by material ablation on a micrometer and submicrometer scale. Current research topics focus on the development of 

  • novel energy storage systems 
  • laser-assisted processes for printed microelectronics 
  • surface processes for functionalization and micro-/nanostructuring 

Metals, ceramics, polymers, composite materials and thin films are processed with highest precision using the latest laser systems.