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The IAM-AWP is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art laser sources for various laser material processing applications. UV laser sources are applied as well as fiber lasers, solid state lasers, CO2 lasers and ultrashort pulse lasers. For analysis of the processing results a wide range of characterization techniques are used. In addition to standard metallographic methods and materials characterization procedures, scanning electron microscopy, surface profilometry, X-ray diffraction, electrochemical analysis and contact angle measurement are available.


Laser sources

  • 3x CO2 laser sources (40W-4kW)
  • 4x Nd:YAG lasers and Yb:YAG fibre lasers (20W-150 W)
  • 2x UV-Nd:YAG (400ps, 266nm, 355nm)
  • High power diode laser (940 nm, 50 W)
  • 4x excimer lasers (193 nm, 248nm, 10-80 W)
  • Ultrashort pulse laser (UV, grün, NIR, 300fs-10ps, 20 W)


Selected laser systems


Analytical methods

  • Surface profilometry (white light and laser profiler) 
  • High resolution scanning electron microscopy and EDX (Philips XL30S) 
  • Metallography and sample preparation (e.g. Glovebox MBraun Labmaster dp)
  • Electrochemical characterization (battery cycler Arbin BT 2000)
  • Dynamic and static contact angle measurement (Dataphysics OCA 20)
  • Mechanical materials characterization: tensile, bend, shear and pressure testing, hysteresis test (Universalprüfmaschine UTS 2)
  • UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy: transmission, reflection (OceanOptics, Avantes, getSpec)



Surface characterisation via white light profilometry


Contact angle measurement on laser structures surfaces


Laser structured human hair

Specific discharge capacity as function of cycle number for laser structured and unstructured LiCoO2 thin films