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Patrick Altschuh

M.Sc. Patrick Altschuh

Raum: 110.1
Tel.: +49 721 608-41469
patrick altschuhXbj6∂kit edu

Institut für Angewandte Materialien
Computational Materials Science (IAM-CMS)
MZE - Geb. 30.48
Straße am Forum 7
76131 Karlsruhe



Porous Microstructures and Microfluidics

  • Modeling of realistic structures, especially porous membrane-like structures
  • Development of methods for characterizing porous structures
  • Coupling the phase-field model with fluid dynamic models
  • Simulation of capillary-driven flows through porous structures





Progress Report on Phase Separation in Polymer Solutions.
Wang, F.; Altschuh, P.; Ratke, L.; Zhang, H.; Selzer, M.; Nestler, B.
2019. Advanced materials, 1806733. doi:10.1002/adma.201806733
Phase-field study on the growth of magnesium silicide occasioned by reactive diffusion on the surface of Si-foams.
Wang, F.; Altschuh, P.; Matz, A. M.; Heimann, J.; Matz, B. S.; Nestler, B.; Jost, N.
2019. Acta materialia, 170, 138–154. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2019.03.008
Characterization of a macro porous polymer membrane at micron-scale by Confocal-Laser-Scanning Microscopy and 3D image analysis.
Ley, A.; Altschuh, P.; Thom, V.; Selzer, M.; Nestler, B.; Vana, P.
2018. Journal of membrane science, 564, 543–551. doi:10.1016/j.memsci.2018.07.062
Data science approaches for microstructure quantification and feature identification in porous membranes.
Altschuh, P.; Yabansu, Y. C.; Hötzer, J.; Selzer, M.; Nestler, B.; Kalidindi, S. R.
2017. Journal of membrane science, 540, 88–97. doi:10.1016/j.memsci.2017.06.020
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Acta Materialia (2019)

Advanced Materials (2019)

Forschung aktuell (2018)

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Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), Darmstadt

Euromembrane (2018), Valencia (Spanien)

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Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe und Fluidverfahrenstechnik und Membrantechnik, Köln

Euromembrane (2015), Aachen