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Using EBSD and TEM-Kikuchi patterns to study local crystallography at the domain boundaries of lead zirconate titanate

  • Author:

    Farooq, M.U.; Villaurrutia, R.; MacLaren, I.; Kungl, H.; Hoffmann, M. J.; Fundenberger, J.-J.; Bouzy, E.

  • Source:

    Journal of Microscopy, 2008, Band 230, Heft 3, S. 445-454


Reliable EBSD mapping of 90 degrees domains in a tetragonal ferroelectric perovskite has been achieved for the first time, together with reliable automated orientation determination from TEM-Kikuchi patterns. This has been used to determine misorientation angles at 90 degrees domain boundaries and thus local c/a ratios. The sources of orientation noise/error and their effects on the misorientation angle data have been thoroughly analyzed and it is found that this gives a cosine distribution of misorientation angles about the mean with a characteristic width related to the width of the orientation noise distribution. In most cases, a good agreement is found between local c/a ratios and global measurements by X-ray diffraction, but some clear discrepancies have also been found suggesting that real local variations are present, perhaps as a consequence of compositional inhomogeneities.