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Residual stresses subsequent to micropeening

DFG-Project: Measures to boost efficiency of the blasting methods micro blasting and ultrasonic wet blasting

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Klumpp


Blasting with small blasting agents (diameter < 100 µm) is referred to as micro blasting and mostly applied for improving rough surfaces or deburring by abrasion. Additionally it strengthens the surface near layers by inducing residual compressive stresses and influencing the grain structure just as like conventional shot peening does and therefore improves fatigue strength.


  • Determining the influence of relevant process parameters of micro blasting (blasting pressure, blasting agent size, blasting duration) in regard of surface near layers and residual stresses
  • Optimisation of possible nanocrystalline surface layer states and fatigue strength
  • Identification of appropriate combinations of methods for finishing shot peened round specimen


  • Characterisation of surface near layer states by metallographic methods, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy
  • Determination of fatigue strength of various blasting states via rotation bending tests