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Experimental Lab Course in Material Science

Experimental Lab Course in Material Science
type: Praktikum (P)
semester: SS 2019
lecturer: Dr. Karl-Heinz Lang
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dietrich
Dr.-Ing. Jens Gibmeier
Prof. Dr. Astrid Pundt
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Heilmaier
sws: 3
lv-no.: 2174597

Infos durch Aushang am IAM-WK und in der VL WK II. Anmeldung erforderlich.


Materials Science and Engineering I & II


Laboratory script;

Shackelford, J.F.
Werkstofftechnologie für Ingenieure
Verlag Pearson Studium, 2005

Content of teaching

Performing and evaluating of two laboratory experiments in each of the following topics:

Mechanical testing of materials
Nonmetallic materials
Microstructure and properties
Cyclic loading / fatigue
Influence of manufacturing technique on materials


regular attendance: 22 hours
self-study: 68 hours


The students are able to describe the relationship between atomic structure, microscopical observations, and properties of solid materials.

The students can name standard materials characterization methods and can describe the execution of the tests as well as the evaluation of the results. The students are able to asses materials on base of the data obtained by these methods.

The students are capable to select appropriate experiments to clarify probelms regarding the materials behaviour. They can describe the experimental procedures and can carry out experiments. They can derive material properties from data gained in experiments. They can interpret these properties regarding microstructure-propety-relations.

Exam description

Oral colloquium at the beginning of each topic; certificate of successful attendance.