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Mission of BeYOND 2016

BeYOND background

Large-scale scientific projects generate economic impact. But achieving those goals should never be taken for granted. Looking “behind the curtain” at CERN (Switzerland), FAIR (Germany) or the Human Brain Project (European Union) makes it clear that there are three essential ingredients for success: excellent scientific work, balanced research management, and a serious entrepreneurial spirit. In the U.S., NASA’s public private partnership SpaceX program and work with Blue Origin are demonstrating the same principles. Big science in the U.S. harmonizes the activities of fundamental research, management, and outreach, and Hollywood understands these trends which will enrich our daily life in the future. Everyone can learn from movies like Star Trek, Interstellar, and The Martian, that projects designed to benefit mankind all need time to show their return on investment.

The same is true for Fusion Technology, too. ITER in France, Wendelstein 7-X in Germany, JET in the United Kingdom, research at MIT in the U.S., and important related fields such as Environmental, Health & Safety, need to bridge the gaps between the fields, and that is the purpose of BeYOND 2016. We reflect on current scientific milestones and recent achievements, discuss next steps, and look for economic options and ready-to-go business models.


Fusion Tech to ITER

Fusion Technology – a critical milestone for the world’s future supply of clean energy – will never come to fruition without some form of beryllium and other specialized, high-performance materials. A few days before the SOFT conference in Prague will open this year, we will be gathering a group of specially chosen experts from the fields of science, technology, politics, economics, and media.

Conference moderator will be Dr. Markus Lemmens, KBHF GmbH, New York Liaison Office.


Please plan on participating! This year’s expanded format will provide new opportunities for bringing fusion and other major projects around the world into a mutually beneficial networking community. Come and be a part of it!