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Departments and Groups at IAM-AWP

The institute consists of the following departments and groups



Department: Metallic Materials

Head: Dr. Michael Rieth

Development and characterization of highly loaded structural materials using methods of high resolution structural analysis and modelling of properties.

Department: Corrosion


Studies with regard to reactor safety research, the corrosion of materials in gases, aqueous media, and liquid metals, and adequate corrosion protection measures as well as materials studies for reactor safety. Development of processes for the fabrication of metal microstructures.


Department: Composites and Thin Films

Head: Dr. Sven Ulrich

Development and production of new nanostructured functional and protective coatings for applications in microsystems technology, nanotechnology and tribology.


Group: Thermophysics and Thermodynamics

Head: Dr. Magnus Rohde

Investigation of thermodynamic state functions and themophysical properties. Development of laserbased thermal procedures for surface modification and joining of ceramic materials.


Group: Laser Processing Technology 

Head: Dr. Wilhelm Pfleging

Laser processing for structuring and functionalization of materials on micro and nanometer scale.


Group: High-Temperature Materials Chemistry

Head: Dr. Martin Steinbrück

Material interaction of reactor components at high temperatures.


Group: Chemical Analysis

Head: Dr. Thomas Bergfeldt

Inorganic integral analysis from percent ot ultra trace range using RFA; ICP-OES; ICP-MS; C,S-; N,O-analysis. Surface and microstructure analysis using laser ablation ICP-MS and high resolution Auger electron spectrometry.