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Equipment at IAM-AWP

Ausstattung am IMF I
  • Materialographic preparation (cutting, grinding, polishing, etching) and microstructure characterization by optical and electron microscopy

  • Scanning electron microscopy

  • High-resolution transmission electron microscopy with modern analysis techniques (FEG, HAADF, EFTEM, EELS, EDS)

  • Scanning probe microscopy with scanning force, friction force and magnetic force microscopy

  • X-Ray diffraction

  • Surface and bulk analysis

  • Mechanical testing equipment, e.g. hardness measurement, nano- and microindentation methods, tensile micro and macro-scale bending tests

  • 3D topography by white-light chromatic aberration

  • Laboratory for laser technology equipped with cutting-edge processing facilities and beam sources in the UV (excimer, Nd:YAG, diode lasers), VIS (Nd:YAG) and in the IR (diode laser, Nd:YAG, CO2) spectral ranges

  • Thin-film laboratory with up-to-date coating facilities and thin-film equipment/technologies (magnetron sputtering, arc evaporation, plasma-assisted CVD)

  • Instrumented creep facilities for test temperatures up to 1300 °C

  • Characterization facilities for material properties: thermophysical and thermodynamical, mechanical, electric, magnetic, dielectric as well as high-frequency properties

  • Facilities for physico-chemical studies: High-temperature reactions of metallic and ceramic materials, hydrogen absorption, diffusion and

  • 3 electromechanical universal testing machines with integrated furnace for tests in vacuum up to 1400 °C

  • 1 Charpy machine for impact tests in normal atmosphere: -190 °C to 500 °C

  • 1 Charpy machine for impact tests in vacuum up to 1100 °C

  • 30 long-term creep facilities for tests in normal atmosphere up to 750 °C

  • 20 long-term creep facilities for tests in vacuum up to 800 °C

  • 1 long-term creep facility for tests in vacuum up to 1300 °C