Size effects in the fatigue behavior of thin Ag films

  • Autor:

    R. Schwaiger, O. Kraft

  • Quelle:

    Acta Materialia, Band 51, Seiten 195-206 (2003)

  • Thin film dimensions and microstructure affect the microscopic processes responsible for fatigue. This work focuses on the characterization of such mechanisms and the resulting fatigue behavior. The fatigue behavior of 0.2-1.5 µm thick, Ag films on SiO2 was investigated. The films were tested using cantilever microbeam deflection with respect to the influence of loading conditions. Extrusions similar to those observed in bulk material were found at the Ag film surfaces after cyclic loading. Voids observed beneath the extrusions, close to the film-substrate interface, contributed significantly to fatigue failure. Fatigue damage was observed to occur predominantly in (100)-oriented grains. Thinner films were more fatigue resistant and contained fewer, smaller extrusions than thicker films.