Mechanics of Indentation of Plastically Graded materials: II. Experiments on nanocrystalline alloys with grain size gradients

  • Autor:

    I.S. Choi, A.J. Detor, R. Schwaiger,
    M. Dao, C.A. Schuh, S. Suresh

  • Quelle:

    J. Mech. Phys. Solids, Band 56, Seite 172 (2008)

  • A systematic study of depth-sensing indentation was performed on nanocrystalline (nc) Ni-W alloys specially synthesized with controlled unidirectional gradients in plastic properties. A yield strength gradient and a roughly constant Young?s modulus were achieved in the nc alloys, using electrodeposition techniques. The force versus displacement response from instrumented indentation experiments matched very well with that predicted from the analysis of Part I of this paper. The experiments also revealed that the pile up of the graded alloy around the indenter is noticeably higher than that for the two homogeneous reference alloys that constitute the bounding conditions for the graded material. These trends are also consistent with the predictions of the indentation analysis.