Influence of cutting parameters, tool coatings and friction on the process heat in cutting processes and phase transformations in workpiece surface layers

  • Author:

    V. Schulze, J. Michna, F. Zanger, C. Faltin, U. Maas, J. Schneider

  • Source:

    Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials, 68 (2013), 22-31

  • The surface states and thus the functionality of machined work pieces are influenced by parameters of the process and the cutting tool. Depending on these variables different mechanical and thermal loads lead to characteristics of components. This paper presents a 2D-FE-cutting simulation model predicting machining induced phase transformations of work piece surface layers for the steel 42CrMo4 (AISI4140) considering detailed friction modeling between tool and work piece, based on tribological experiments. The cutting simulation model was developed using the commercial software ABAQUS, friction and phase transformations are implemented using specific user subroutines. The model calculates the process of austenization and the transformed volume fraction of the phases ferrite/perlite, bainite and martensite. Additional thermo dynamical simulations of the heat transfer using the code INSFLA are performed. The simulated temperatures, cutting forces and phase transformations are compared to orthogonal cutting experiments