IAM - Computational Materials Science

ICME - Integrated Computational Materials Engineering


The research group “Multiscale Materials Modelling and Data Processing“, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Michael Selzer, focuses on the influence of multiphase flows through complex geometries, on the wetting properties of single-phase and multiphase liquid drops, located on chemically and mechanically structured surfaces, and on topology optimisation. The objective of this research is the reduction of energy consumption, during the production of the materials, and the conservation of the material properties, during the lifetime of the materials. Thus, research is relevant for the energy revolution and for climate protection. The investigations find application in the automotive industry, in aerospace technology, lightweight design and in the construction industry. By using the phase-field method, the research group finds answers to the research questions available. Working with efficient simulation programs enables the development of cost-effective and innovative materials, without experiments. Therefore, the focus lies on the development of the massively parallel solver PACE3D. For the extensions of the models, numerical algorithms are adapted and optimised for high-performance computing.
In the course of digitalisation, data processing and data retention, as well as archiving of research data, are of primary importance. For this reason, the group also engages in this newly emerging field of materials research.

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