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Multiphysics Materials Modelling: Microstructure-Fluid Dynamics



The research group of Dr.-Ing. Fei Wang focuses on the microstrucural evolution of phases, in connection with fluid dynamics and phase transformations in immiscible liquids and nano-porous structures. Key activities concentrate on solids combined with fluids. In terms of solids and fluids, the focus lies on spinodal decomposition in alloys, membranes and aerogels, formations of intermetallic phases in the process of soldering as well as on solidification morphologies in monotectic alloys. Fluids are investigated in terms of fluid flows through porous media and the effect of capillary flow on spinodal decomposition, breakups of liquid jets and reactive wetting. The research objective is to provide insights on how the kinetics of the microstructural evolution and the occurrences of non-equilibrium and equilibiurm patterns are affected by fluid dynamics. An ongoing challenge is to link the numerical simulations either with theoretical calculations or with experimental results. A critical problem is that the input of the simulation is limited to existing thermodynamic and kinetic databases. The research is used in the scientific community as well as in industrial production, such as inkjet printing and fabrications of nanoparticles.


Phase-field simulation of reactive wetting coupling with capillary flow in the Al-Au system




Bicontinuous and droplet structures resulting from phase separation depending on the initial concentration




Effect of fluid flow on the frowth of the seaweed structures



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