Mechanical spectroscopy of nanocrystallline nickel near room temperature

  • Author:

    J. Lohmiller, C. Eberl,
    R. Schwaiger, O. Kraft, T.J. Balk

  • Source:

    Scripta Materialia, Band 59, Seiten 467-470 (2008)

  • In this study, the anelastic behavior of nanocrystalline nickel was investigated by mechanical spectroscopy. Test temperature ranged from room temperature to 415 K, and frequency from 235 to 2567 Hz, with two internal friction peaks observed. Peak temperature increased with increasing frequency, indicating a thermally activated damping process. The smaller peak yields an activation energy H = 0.70 eV. The peaks appear to be Pb and Pc Hasiguti peaks, arising from damping due to dislocations and point defects.