IAM - Computational Materials Science

Continuum modeling of dislocation plasticity: Theory, numerical implementation and validation by discrete dislocation simulations

  • Author:

    S. Sandfeld, T. Hochrainer,
    M. Zaiser, P. Gumbsch

  • Source:

    J. Mater. Res., Band 26, Seiten 623-632 (2011)

  • Miniaturization of components and devices calls for an increased effort on physically motivated continuum theories, which can predict size-dependent plasticity by accounting for length scales associated with the dislocation microstructure. An important recent development has been the formulation of a ContinuumDislocationDynamics theory (CDD)that provides a kinematically consistent continuum description of the dynamics of curved dislocation systems [T.Hochrainer, et al., Philos. Mag. 87, 1261 (2007)]. In this work, we present a brief overview of dislocation-based continuum plasticity models. We illustrate the implementation of CDD by a numerical example, bending of a thin film, and compare with results obtained by three-dimensional discrete dislocation dynamics (DDD) simulation.