Two modes of HVPE growth von GaN and related macrodefects

  • Author:

    V. Voronenkov, N. Bochkareva,
    R. Gorbunov, P. Latyshev,
    Y. Lelikov, Y. Rebane,
    A. Tsyuk, A. Zubrilov,
    U. Popp, M. Strafela,
    H. Strunk, Y. Shreter

  • Source:

    Physica Status Solidi,
    Band 10 (2013), 468-471

  • GaN films with thickness up to 3 mm were grown by halide vapour phase epitaxy method. Two growth modes were observed: the high temperature (HT) mode and the low temperature (LT) mode. Films grown in HT mode had smooth surface, however the growth stress was high and caused cracking. Films grown in LT mode had rough surface with high density of V-defects (pits), however, such films were crack-free. The influence of growth parameters on the pit shape and evolution was investigated. Origins of pits formation and process of pit overgrowth are discussed. Crack-free films with smooth surface and reduced density of pits were grown using combination of the LT and HT growth modes.