Field of specialization 4: Electromobility

The market share of vehicles with electrified powertrains is now increasing significantly. By mid-2020, more than 10 million electric cars will be on the road worldwide. In general, electromobility is seen as having a bright future because emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide must be reduced and fossil fuels are not available in unlimited quantities. Until then, however, there are still numerous questions to be answered at both the technology and component level. These include the selection of suitable drive concepts, the two key components battery and electric motor, battery management and system integration, power electronics and a nationwide supply of electrical energy. Just as the electrification of the drive is being pursued, so is the optimization of the combustion engine. The German automotive industry and its suppliers are making great efforts to maintain their outstanding global position in the mobility market of the future.

Electromobility for ETIT students

The electromobility specialization therefore combines the competences of different institutes at KIT. The basic training in the Bachelor's program and the lectures and practical courses in the Master's program in electromobility enable you to familiarize yourself quickly and successfully with the new, interdisciplinary subject matter. The compulsory lectures of the specialization therefore cover the different aspects of electromobility: batteries and fuel cells as energy storage and converters (IAM-ET), components and systems of power electronics as well as lectures on electric motors (ETI), the construction of an infrastructure for energy transmission (IEH), the optimization/control of drive systems (IRS), and last but not least, vehicle technology (IFFMA).

When compiling the selectable specialisation subjects, you can decide for yourself where you would like to further deepen your knowledge or familiarise yourself with additional topics. The choice of other specialisation subjects is possible at any time in consultation with your specialisation advisors. Basic knowledge in the fields of management and business administration will round off your profile.

Struktur Studienmodell

A compilation of the fixed specialisation subjects as well as recommendations for the selectable model subjects can be found in the brochure.