Marius Müller, M. Sc.

Marius Müller, M. Sc.


  • Materials for lithium-ion conducting solid-state electrolytes and electrodes
  • Electrochemical characterization of solid-state electrolytes and lithium-ion batteries via electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and the distribution of relaxation times (DRT)
  • Model-based quantification of loss processes (i.e., charge transport and charge transfer processes) via physically-motivated equivalent circuit models
  • Modeling of all solid-state lithium-ion batteries
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Lithium-ion batteries

Marius Müller

Martin Poeppel

List of publications

  1. M. Müller, J. Schmieg, J. Joos, S. Dierickx, A. Weber, D. Gerthsen, E.Ivers-Tiffeé, "The Lithium|LLZO interface: An in-depth analysis of elecgtrochemical and microstructural properties", Batterieforum 2021 (Online), 20.01/27.01/02.02/09.02.2021 (Poster)