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Characterization and consolidation of aqueous SiC suspensions

  • Author: Both, H. von; Oberacker, R.; Hoffmann, M. J.
  • Source: ZEITSCHRIFT FUR METALLKUNDE 90 (1999), 12, 996–1001
  • Characterization and consolidation of aqueous SiC suspensions.


The structure of SIC suspensions is strongly influenced by the nature of the interparticle forces between powder particles. By varying the pH the stabilization conditions are changed from an agglomerated to a dispersed suspension structure. The different structures were macroscopically characterized by rheological measurements and microscopically by CRYO-SEM investigations. Consolidation of the suspensions has been obtained by pressure filtration. The analysis of the filtration kinetics shows a direct relationship between suspension and filter cake structures. It will be demonstrated that the suspension properties influence the porosity and pore size distribution of the green compact. The permeability, calculated from the filtration kinetics, shows a structural coherence between filter cake porosity and pore size distribution and is related to the model of Carman-Kozeny.