IAM - Ceramic Materials and Technologies

Control of Lamellae Spacing During Freeze Casting of Ceramics Using Double-Side Cooling as a Novel Processing Route

  • Author:

    Waschkies, T; Oberacker, R; Hoffmann, MJ

  • Source:

    JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 2009, Band 92, Heft 1, S. 79-84


A processing route for freeze-casting of particle suspensions is presented, where the microstructure development during the solidification process can be controlled precisely. For this purpose, the single-side cooling and double-side cooling methods are compared. A procedure will be shown to control the freezing process using the double-side cooling method. Our approach was to determine the freezing conditions in order to forecast the freezing velocity and to carry out an advanced directional solidification setup for the experimental realization. Using this setup and the theoretical knowledge, the microstructure development can be controlled during the whole freezing process over a length of several centimeters.