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A fracture mechanics analysis of the double cleavage drilled compression test specimen

  • Author:

    Fett, T; Rizzi, G; Guin, JP; Lopez-Cepero, JM; Wiederhorn, SM

  • Source:

    ENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS, 2009, Band 76, Heft 7, S. 921-934


The "double cleavage drilled compression" specimen is used for the determination of crack growth rates under mode-I and general mixed-mode loading conditions. In this paper, a fracture mechanics analysis is presented for the DCDC specimen, using a finite-element analysis to determine stresses, strains and surface displacements. Weight functions are derived, and the consequence of load misalignment is demonstrated. Finally, side-surface displacements at the crack terminating region are studied using a 3-dimensional, finite-element computation in combination with results from the literature that are based on an "asymptotic analysis". Calculated side-surface displacements in the vicinity of the crack tip are found to agree with published values obtained by others via measurements using the atomic force microscope.