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Fracture Toughness Test with a Sharp Notch Introduced by Focussed Ion Beam

  • Author:

    Fett, T; Creek, D; Wagner, S; Rizzi, G; Volkert, C

  • Source:

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FRACTURE, 2008, Band 153, Heft 1, S. 85-92


The validity of fracture toughness data obtained from tests with V-notched bending bars is affected by the notch root radius and the presence of R-curve behavior. A macroscopic test specimen has been developed that contains a notch introduced by focused ion beam machining. This produces a notch root radius of less than 0.1 mu m, so that notch effects can be ignored for most ceramics. Also, due to the very small notch depths the influence of a rising R-curve should be very close to that of natural cracks. First tests, carried out on a Ce-doped zirconia ceramic resulted in a toughness of K (Ic) a parts per thousand 5.9 MPaasm.