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Contact strength of ceramic laminates

  • Author:

    Ceseracciu, L; Jimenez-Pique, E; Fett, T; Anglada, M

  • Source:

    COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2008, Band 68, Heft 1, S. 209-214


Ceramic laminates with residual stress arising from thermal mismatch, show higher strength and larger apparent fracture toughness than their monolithic counterparts. For an effective improvement under in-service conditions, such enhancement should be reflected on the blunt-contact behaviour, characterized by an inhomogeneous multiaxial stress state. The contact strength test is an interesting alternative to traditional testing methods to evaluate contact-focused resistance of brittle materials. Because of the Hertzian-like stress state, high stresses can be generated far from the surface, producing failure from the weakest part of the structure, and this is especially true in pre-stressed materials, such as the one herein studied. In this work, experimental tests on a laminated ceramic are reported together with a FE analysis, showing a noteworthy improvement, although in some cases the composite structure may fail in an inner layer, and providing general tools for designing contact-resistant structures.