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Orientation-dependent surface composition of in situ annealed strontium titanate

  • Author:

    Zagonel, LF; Barrett, F; Renault, O; Bailly, A; Bäurer, M; Hoffmann, MJ;Shih, SJ; Cockayne, D

  • Source:

    SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS, 2008, Band 40, Heft 13, S. 1709-1712


surface composition of polycrystalline niobium-doped strontium titanate (SrTiO(3): Nb) is studied using X-ray photoelectron emission microscopy (XPEEM) for many grain orientations in order to characterise the surface chemistry with high spatial resolution. The surface sensitivity is maximised by the use of soft X-ray synchrotron radiation (SR). The grain orientation is determined by electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD). Stereographic plots are used to show the correlation between surface composition and orientation for several grains. Predominant surface terminations are assigned to major orientations.