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Multifrequency electron paramagnetic resonance analysis of polycrystalline gadolinium-doped PbTiO3 - Charge compensation and site of incorporation

  • Author:

    Eichel, RA; Mestric, H; Kungl, H; Hoffmann, MJ

  • Source:

    APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2006, Band 88, Heft 12, S. 122506


Gadolinium(III)-modified polycrystalline lead titanate (PbTiO3) of 1.0 mol % dopant level was investigated by means of multifrequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy in order to determine sign and size of the local-environment sensitive finestructure parameter B-2(0). The Gd3+ ions were assigned to substitute for Pb2+ at the A site of the perovskite ABO(3) lattice, providing donor centers. The obtained value amounts to B-2(0)=0.776(2) GHz at ambient temperature and 0.860(2) GHz at 5 K, thus showing a considerable temperature dependence. A charge-compensation mechanism is proposed that is based solely on the creation of lead and oxygen vacancies.