Dr.-Ing.  Michael Kellner

Dr.-Ing. Michael Kellner



Integration of thermodynamic energies from
CALPHAD databases in phase-field simulations


  • Extraction of thermodynamic energies from CALPHAD databases
  • Construction of new computational economical Gibbs free energy formulations by fit
  • Implementation of new formalisms in phase-field simulations



Directional solidification of superalloys

Phase-field simulations

  • Directional solidification of the nickel-based superalloys with intermatallic phase NiAl (BCC-B2 stucture)
  • Directional solidification of niob-silicides with stoichiometric phase
  • Investigated systems: NiAl-Cr, NiAl-Mo, Ni-Al-Cr, Ni-Al-Mo, Nb-Si and Nb-Si-Cr


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2015 Intermetallics, Bad Staffelstein September 28 - Oktober 2, 2015


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Current Opinion in Solid State and Material Science, 19, 5, (2015). 287-300