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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jarir Aktaa

jarir aktaaEua4∂kit edu

Telefon +49 721 608 24946


The research activities in this area aim at the development of models for describing the constitutive deformation and damage behavior of structural materials and the implementation of these models in commercial finite element codes providing powerful tools for structure analysis and lifetime assessment of components. In particular, the non-linear mechanical behavior of novel structural materials under extreme application conditions e.g. high temperature and/or high dose irradiation is of main interest.

Beside the damage models allowing the prediction of the material lifetime, which corresponds to the failure of a representative volume element and macro crack initiation, respectively, fracture mechanical approaches are developed to assess macro cracks and to simulate the crack propagation for the determination of the remaining time up to component failure.

For the prediction of material lifetime continuum damage models as well as mechanism-oriented models for micro crack initiation and propagation are considered while for the macro crack propagation methods of elastic, elasto-plastic, and elasto-viscoplastic fracture mechanics are applied.

Nonlinear structure analysis of the highly loaded first wall of a fusion reactor

Current research projects