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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jarir Aktaa

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Steffen Kohnle

Dr. Klaus Bade (IMT)

Development of high temperature electrodeposited LIGA MEMS materials

watch gear set, fabricated by LIGA
Fig.1: watch gear set fabricated by LIGA
Galvanic cell
Fig.2: Galvanic cell
Fig.3: Microspecimen

In a collaborative research project supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the American National Science Foundation (NSF), the Institute for Applied Materials (IAM) and the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Johns Hopkins University (JHU, USA) develop novel electrodeposited LIGA materials for high temperature MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) applications.

The technological motivation is derived from a need to expand the reliability and functionality of current MEMS materials (Fig. 1). Current LIGA processing generally results in electrodeposited nickel structures with high aspect ratios and an attractive balance of room temperature properties. However, thermal exposure has been shown to result in micro structural instabilities and significant property degradation, which currently limit the use of LIGA structures in elevated temperature MEMS applications, for example as molds, heat exchangers, thermal actuators, and power generation devices.

Meanwhile routes to develop co-deposited LIGA-Ni alloys and LIGA-Ni dispersion strengthened composites (Fig. 2) have been investigated successfully and currently LIGA Ni-base "superalloys" are envisaged. Judicious control and optimization of processing parameters will be performed and related to the resultant microstructure and attendant mechanical properties. Processing issues related to the fabrication of micron-sized structures (Fig. 3) will also be addressed and novel techniques to test microsamples at elevated temperature will be employed to measure the full-range of mechanical properties of these new materials.



Haj-Taieb M., A.S.M.A Haseeb, J. Caulfield, K. Bade, J. Aktaa, K.J. Hemker, Thermal stability of electrodeposited LIGA Ni-W alloys for high temperature MEMS applications, Microsystem Technologies (2007)

Haj-Taieb, Development of High Temperature Electrodeposited LIGA MEMS Materials, Dissertation, University of Karlsruhe, 2009