Integrated Materials Development for Novel High Temperature Alloys – Helmholtz Research School Rearch Area “RA II Directional Solidification”

M.Sc. Camelia Gombola


  • increase of efficiency of Heat engines
  • higher energy conversion efficiency through increase of  operating temperatures
  • development of materials with excellent high temperature strength in combination with high fracture toughness at low temperatures
  • fibre-reinforced nickel aluminides NiAl-X(Cr, Mo) fulfill the requirements and make them potential candidates
  • synthesis via directional solidification allows in-situ-formation of fibres (Cr and Mo) in a nickel aluminide matrix and further a reduction of transversal grain boundaries


Synthesis of directional solidified, fibre-reinforced nickel aluminides.


  • solidification experiments by levitation and zone melting
  • characterization of the microstructure with regard to crystal orientation, phase formation und anisotropic properties
  • influence of process parameters and alloy components on the synthesis of NiAl-Cr and NiAl-Mo alloys and microstructure
  • determination of high temperature deformation properties via tensile creep testing