Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering

DFG-Project: Fatigue crack growth behavior in Inconel 718 after mechanical surface treatments

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Klumpp


  • Versatile use of nickel-based super alloy Inconel 718 in the aviation industry (eg for turbine discs)
  • Notable achievable increase in component life due to mechanical surface treatments such as shot peening and deep rolling
  • Quantitative description of the influence of residual stresses and hardening on crack initiation and crack propagation are not available yet


Development of a model for lifetime prediction in dependence of the residual stress and the hardening state on the basis of fracture mechanics.


  • Characterization of surface states and their stability under cyclic thermal loading and after various shot peening and deep rolling
  • Endurance studies; Determination of SN curves
  • Crack propagation experiments