Practical Course Technical Ceramics


Maximal 8 Teilnehmer/innen!

Das Laborpraktikum erstreckt sich über eine Woche, voraussichtlich vom 11.02. bis 15.02.2019.

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Laboratory report


Courses in ceramic materials


Salmang, H.: Keramik, 7. Aufl., Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2007. - Online-Ressource

Richerson, D. R.: Modern Ceramic Engineering, CRC Taylor & Francis, 2006

Content of teaching

Based on alumina as a model material, major test methods for the characterization of raw materials, intermediate and final products are practically applied. Topics:

  • powder caracterization
  • Shaping of powder compacts
  • sintering
  • microstructural characterization
  • mechanical testing

On the basis of short descriptions of the methods, the students prepare themselfes, carry out the experiments and write a laboratory report.


regular attendance: 30 hours
self-study: 90 hours


The students are able to understand and to apply a number of basic laboratory methods used in processing and characterization of ceramic materials. They are qualified to apply new methods on the basis of standards and descriptions of experiments.

Exam description

Colloquium and laboratory report for the respective experiments.