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Research areas and established processes

  • Laserstructuring and annealing of electrode thin and thick films to improve performance (lifetime, high current capability) of lithium ion batteries (LIB) 
  • Development of materials processing with ultrashort pulse laser technology for micro- and nanostructuring of multimaterial systems and materials which are difficult to process under the aspect of biological applications.
  • Development ofprocesses for surface functionalization (e.g. wetting behavior), micro- and nanostructuring of surfaces and thin films for biological and microfluidic applications (e.g. in combination with microprinting technologies) 
  • Microstructuring of polymers with CO2-laser radiation  (Rapid Manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing of polymeric microsystems by laser transmission welding
  • Laser-LIGA and laser micro-caving for the generation of metallic microstructures (e.g. mold inserts) 
  • Laser microwelding of metals (e.g. production of microstructure machines) 


Selected processing examples


Laser manufactured mold inserts made of nickel (left) and steel (right)

Laserstructured LiCoO2 cathode thin film (left) and nanostructured a-C:H film (right) 

Left: Laser microweldseam in the aluminum alloy AlMg3. Right: Microfluidic chip manufactured by laser structuring and laser transmission welding

Development of polymer-based components for the analysis of cell systems 


Lasermanufactured gear wheels made of Polyimid  Polyimide (Kapton®); diameter 150-500 µm