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The Institute for Applied Materials - Applied Materials Physics ...

carries out research and development on innovative metallic and non-metallic functional and structural materials and composites. It focuses on questions about structure and property relationships for both bulk and coating materials. For instance we are investigating system-specific structural materials for highly loaded components in fusion and concentrated solar power such as specific steels, beryllium and refractory alloys, respectively. Other activities encompass the research on materials and electrochemical cells for advanced lithium ion batteries. Alloys and ceramics for cladding and high performance and functional coatings are also main areas of our research. The IAM-AWP examines material-specific issues in the areas of thin film, plasma and laser technology as well as thermodynamics and thermal physics. We use all modern preparation and analysis methods in Materials Science and Engineering (XRD, HR Electron Microscopy, Raman and FTIR Spectroscopy, Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, and Physical and Chemical Analysis). All activities are “engineering product-oriented” and  involved in the following Helmholtz Programs:

  • Fusion (Helmholtz Research Area Energy)
  • Nuclear Safety Research (Helmholtz Research Area Energy)
  • Efficient Energy Conversion and Use (Helmholtz Research Area Energy)
  • Nano- and Microsystems (Helmholtz Research Area Key Technologies)

In addition, we are coordinating and working on research projects funded by national governmental institutions (State of Baden-Württemberg, DFG, BMBF, BMWi), the European Union and industrial partners. We are linked across the two Helmholtz Centers Energy and Nano- and Microsystems in several interdisciplinary collaborations. Many members of the institute are also involved in research and teaching at the departments mechanical and electrical engineering of the university sector of KIT.