12th International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials (ICM12) - Karlsruhe, May 10-14, 2015

ICM 12, Karlsruhe


There is no doubt that worldwide efforts to increase social and economic wealth critically depend on improved materials and manufacturing techniques. In particular, the mechanical behavior of materials has always been a decisive factor for industrial and socio-economic development. Progress in this field represents major challenges for today’s researchers in both industry and academia.

Following a long standing tradition dating back to the efforts of the late Professor Shuji Taira, who organized the first International Conference on Mechanical Behavior of Materials (ICM) in Kyoto, Japan in August 1971, the last ICM 12 took place May 10th till 14th 2015 in Karlsruhe, Germany,.

ICM’s objectives are to foster research on the mechanical behavior of materials, to promote related international cooperation among scientists and engineers and to provide means for the public dissemination of the results from these efforts. Held every four years, these conferences are intended to cover progress on all aspects of the mechanical behavior of materials from both the macroscopic and microscopic viewpoints. The scope of materials of interest includes commercial materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, as well as advanced materials under development for the use in particular applications.

ICM brings together users, producers and researchers, both engineers and scientists who have a common interest in various aspects of materials behavior. The objective is to facilitate and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience among different communities involved in using, improving, developing, assessing materials by conducting basic and applied research. The conference aims to explore the scale integration (micro-, meso- and macroscopic) behavior as well as an integrated approach to aspects of design, manufacturing and mechanical reliability.



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