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Thermophysics and Thermodynamics

Research of the Group Thermophysics and Thermodynamics is focussed on the development and characterization of new high-performance materials.  The experimental determination and investigation of thermodynamic and thermophysical state functions and properties such as heat capacity, coefficient of thermal expansion, density as well as transport properties like thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, electric and ionic conductivity in a wide temperature range of - 250 °C to 2000 °C are of particular interest . Furthermore thermal processes are developed for joining of ceramics and ceramic with metal, for surface modiication of ceramic and glass-ceramc substrates as well as sintering processes for the compression of mico- and nano-scale powders. 







Thermal Processes





 Pellets lasergeloetet

Phasendiagramm Al-Nb-Ti 

 Measurement of thermal conductivity of thin films

 Aluminum oxide pellets laserbrazed on steel

 Modelling of the Phase diagram: Al-Nb-Ti


Experimental equipment

Current research projects

Selected publications