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Corrosion Department


Head: Dr. Juergen Konys


Research fields:


Aqueous/Electrochemical Corrosion

  • Studies of the corrosion behavior of materials in supercritical water as a medium for the decomposition of pollutants and a coolant of future, new light water reactors
  • Electrochemical processes for the deposition and structuring of metals
  • Studies of corrosion in metal microstructures.

High-Temperature Corrosion

  • Studies of the high-temperature reaction behavior of zirconium alloys and other materials

Liquid-Metal Corrosion

  • Corrosion of structural materials in eutectic, liquid lead alloys for applications in nuclear fusion and nuclear technology


  • Models for the description of corrosion kinetics
  • Development of program codes for modeling complex reaction processes

Nuclear Safety Experiment QUENCH

  • Study of high-temperature behavior and hydrogen generation during the quenching of a superheated reactor core