Digitalization for fast-tracked Machine Learning

  • Development of tools for efficient metadata collection
  • Ontology engineering
  • Integration of tribometers with Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)

Data-Intensive Tribometry

  • Developing multimodal in-situ tribometry: a core activity in Prof. Greiner's ERC Starting Grant project TriboKey
  • Tribology of ceramic slurries for investigation of abrasive wear mechanisms 
Group Members
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Materials Tribology, Linked Data Science, Nanotribology
FAIR Data, Digitalization
  Abrasive Wear, Laser Surface Texturing

Recently Joined Group Members

Zhou, Qing Ph.D. Visiting Scholar Thin Coatings
Flachmann, Malte  B.Sc. Research Assistant Tribometer Digitalization
Jakob Biesinger   Research Assistant Metal Tribology
Moslemani, Mohamad   Research Assistant Multimodal Tribology
Stoll, Benedikt   Research Assistant Ontology Engineering
Bresser, Floriane B.Sc. Research Assistant Software Developer
Ye, Nuoyao   Research Assistant Software Developer
Poggemann, Mauriz   Research Assistant Software Developer


Gorenflo, Max M.Sc. Thesis Student Copper Tribology
Weber, Manfred M.Sc. Research Assistant Data Science
Heinrich, Julius M.Sc. Thesis Student Tribometer Engineering