Thermomechanical properties of flexible substrate supported gold nanowires

  • Autor:

    S. Olliges, S. Frank,
    P.A. Gruber, V. Auzelyte,
    K. Kunze, H.H. Solak,
    R. Spolenak

  • Quelle:

    Scripta Materialia, Band 60,
    Seiten 273-276 (2009)

  • Diffusion-controlled deformation mechanisms may become relevant for nanocrystalline and nanostructured materials at room temperature. In this paper, the stress?strain behavior of gold nanowires 40 nm wide, 20 nm high and 1 mm long on a flexible substrate was investigated in the temperature range of 173?393 K. For decreasing temperatures, the yield strength and the fracture resistance increase. Both can be qualitatively explained by diffusion-driven deformation. The activation energy at room temperature indicates diffusion on (111) surfaces.