Correlation between critical temperature and strength of small-scale bcc pillars

  • Autor:

    A.S. Schneider, D. Kaufmann,
    B.G. Clark, C. P. Frick,
    P.A. Gruber, R. Mönig, O. Kraft,
    E. Arzt

  • Quelle:

    Physical Review Letters, Band 103, Seiten 105501 1-4 (2009)

  • Microcompression tests were performed on focused-ion-beam-machined micropillars of several bodycentered-cubic metals (W, Mo, Ta, and Nb) at room temperature. The relationship between yield strength and pillar diameter as well as the deformation morphologies were found to correlate with a parameter specific for bcc metals, i.e., the critical temperature Tc. This finding sheds new light on the phenomenon of small-scale plasticity in largely unexplored non-fcc metals.