On the correlation between fracture toughness and precipitation hardening heat treatments in 15-5PH Stainless Steel

  • Autor:

    M. Abdelshehid, K. Mahmodieh, K. Mori,
    L. Chen, P. Stoyanov, D. Davlantes,
    J. Foyos, J. Ogren, R. Clark Jr.,
    O.S. Es-Said

  • Quelle:

    Engineering Failure Analysis,
    Band 14, Seiten 626-631 (2007)

  • In this study, the fracturetoughness, Kq, and the yield strength of precipitationheat-treated StainlessSteel15-5 PH was determined. Thirty six cylindrical tensile bars and eighteen compact tension C(T) specimens were tested. It was found that the high tolerance for solution heattreatment decreases the Kq value significantly, while the yield strength remains virtually unaltered.