On the bimodal grain growth in zirconium grade 702 alloy

  • Autor:

    N. Rodriguez, T. Dickinson, D. Huy Nguyen,
    E. Park, J. Foyos, R. Sutherlin,
    S. Sparkowich, F. Hogue, P. Stoyanov,
    J. Ogren, E. Plotkin, O.S. Es-Said

  • Quelle:

    Engineering Failure Analysis,
    Band 15, Seiten 440-444 (2008)

  • This study is built upon previously published work that involved bimodalgraingrowth in cold worked and annealed samples of zirconium702alloy. Similar to the earlier study, the new zirconium702alloy samples were rolled and bent at different percentages of cold work and then annealed at 1375 °F. While bimodalgraingrowth did occur in the previous samples under bending when annealed above 1275 °F, no bimodalgraingrowth was observed in any of the new samples. This result is attributed to the different weight percent of alloying elements in the two samples. Additionally, a recovery anneal was performed on the old samples in an effort to inhibit graingrowth in the alloy system. Although the recovery anneal did not prevent bimodalgraingrowth, it did significantly reduce the degree to which it occurred.