Mechanical properties and microstructure characterization of coated AM2 Al 6061-T6 mats exposed to simulated thermal blast

  • Autor:

    C. Wilhelm, G. LaCaille, N. Wright,
    N. Ward, C. Shu, R. Painter,
    C. Vinquist, P. Stoyanov, E.W. Lee,
    D. Piatkowski, J. McLennan, J. Ogren,
    C. Kumor, O.S. Es-Said

  • Quelle:

    Engineering Failure Analysis,
    Band 16, Seiten 1-10 (2009)

  • The purpose of this study was to test the heat resistance of eight different combinations of coatings that are applied on Marine Corps AM2Al6061-T6mats. The objective was to determine which coating is best suited for use on matsexposed to exhaust from short take off and vertical landing aircraft. Each coating combination was first exposed to the flame of three torches from a constant distance for different periods of time. Then, conductivity, hardness, tensile tests and optical microscopy were conducted. The plate with NiAl bond coating, Al2O3/ZrO2 heat resistance coating, and NiCr/SiC non-skid coating outperformed other coating combinations.