The effects of heat damage of aluminum 6061-T6 AM-2 Mats and High Power Run-Up Anchor

  • Autor:

    M. Prietto, M. Tsang, S. Hernandez,
    J. Roepke, D. Piatkowski, E. Lee,
    P. Stoyanov, J. Ogren, O.S. Es-Said

  • Quelle:

    Engineering Failure Analysis,
    Band 18, Seiten 124-137 (2011)

  • Mechanical property measurements were made on used sections of mobile landing surfaces for the vertical take off and landing military aircraft. Additionally, property measurements were made on used sections of anchors used to restrain aircrafts movement during full power engine operations following maintenance. In both cases, the material used was aluminum alloy 6061 in the T6 temper. Tensile, hardness and electrical conductivity tests were performed. The landing surfaces were hollow core; the top portion showed more degradation than the bottom due to the former being in closer proximity to aircraft exhaust gases. The used anchor panels showed significant levels of mechanical degradation, falling well below SAE minimum standards.