Cell development/testing

Abbildung 1: Zyklenlebensdauer einer KIT 20 Ah Zelle bei einer Laderate von 2C und einer Entladerate von 3C
Abbildung 2: Analyseanlage für Elektrolyte
Abbildung 3: Benchmark der Zyklenlebensdauer kommerzieller Zellen bei einer Lade- und Entladerate von 1C

The focus of cell development is on product-related research and development in lithium-ion cell technology with the objective to develop high quality and high performance cells. Therefore, the reduction of cell costs while increasing energy density, cycle stability, calendar life and intrinsic safety is paramount. At Battery Technical Center, Lithium-ion pouch cells can be produced in lab and large-format size (up to 20 Ah) in the dry room of the research factory. Both prototype and small series production is possible.

In cell development, quality control and fault analysis also play an important role. For the clarification of cause-and-effect relationships cell manufacturing tests with intentional faults are being carried out. Moreover, different methods such as electron microscopy or X-ray can be used for cell characterization and post-mortem analyses.

In cell testing, electrical cell characterization including long-term tests and application-oriented assessments can be carried out for the determination of cell performance.

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