Lithium reCOvery and batteRy-grade materials production from EuropeaN rEsources (LiCORNE)

In the context of the energy transition, lithium is considered a kind of white gold. Batteries with a high energy density cannot currently do without the silvery, shimmering light metal. Lithium-ion batteries are installed everywhere in mobile phones and cordless screwdrivers, in e-bikes and notebooks. Up to 8 kilograms of lithium are needed for the battery of an electrically powered vehicle. Estimates assume a future demand of at least 1.3 million tons per year. A multiple of what is being promoted today, especially in Chile and Australia. In view of the risks associated with importing the white gold, the EU project LiCORNE therefore wants to develop lithium sources in Europe. Here on the Upper Rhine and in Alsace, it can be obtaind from thermal water, but the systematic recycling of old batteries could also be worthwhile. Togeher with the partners, 15 universities and companies, we are researching in LiCORNE project to covert he lithium demand from local resources as best as possible.

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