Poster award Janika Wagner

Congratulations to our PhD student Janika Wagner (in the picture: 3rd from right) for the poster award at the 773rd WE-Heraeus Seminar Materials and Energy - New Directions for the "Energiewende" of the Wilhelm and Else Heraues Foundation. In her poster Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of the Growth of SEI at the Li/Electrolyte Interphase, Janika Wagner presents her investigation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) between the lithium metal anode and liquid electrolytes using kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) modeling. Her work provides a mechanistic understanding of the hitherto incompletely understood degradation of liquid electrolytes in lithium-metal batteries.

Group Trip Electrocatalysis

On October 21, our electrocatalysis workgroup visited Cage Quests Escape Rooms for team building purposes. In two groups they solved the puzzles, broke out of the prison camp and found the elixir of eternal life of the pharaohs.

Visit of Dr. Tatyana Reshetenko from Hawaii


Visit from the USA: Dr. Tatyana Reshetenko, Assistant Researcher at Hawai'i Natural Energy Institute, came to IAM-ET for one week as part of a research stay. At her home institute, her research focuses on investigating PEMFC performance under different operating conditions, local variations in MEA material properties, and exposure to fuel, air, and system contaminants using a segmented cell system.

The photo was taken during her presentation "Comprehensive characterization of PEMFC performance using a segmented cell approach" to scientists from IAM-ET and DFG Research Group 2397 - Multiscale Analysis of Complex Three-Phase Systems.

ETOS Future Cluster Accepted

ETOS Future ClusterETOS

We have made it! After more than 1½ years of conception and application phase, "ETOS - Electrification of Technical Organic Syntheses" emerges as one of seven winners of the Clusters4Future competition.

In the two-stage competition, the team of JGU Mainz and KIT headed by Prof. Dr. S. Waldvogel and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer succeeded against 117 applicants in front of a distinguished jury of experts. The Future Cluster will be funded for up to nine years with a maximum of 45 million Euros by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The first of three implementation phases will begin in February 2023.

More information:
BMBF-Pressemitteilung 49/2022
Twitter  | @ETOS_OrgElekSyn
Linked | ETOS

31st Topical Meeting of the ISE in Aachen - Poster Prize

We congratulate our Ph.D. student Walter Cistjakov for the Poster Prize at the 31st Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry! In the joint work with the Cluster of Excellence SE2A on “Model based Investigation of Carbon Surface Passivation in Lithium-Sulfur Battery” he shows how to improve the performance of sulfur cathodes. Congratulations!

ETOS Winter School in January

The project consortium around the BMBF Future Cluster Initiative ETOS (Electrification of Technical Organic Syntheses) is organizing the ETOS Winter School for the first time on January 27 and 28. ETOS plans to be the first large-scale technology platform to combine organic synthesis with electrochemical process engineering to generate novel solutions and key technologies for sustainable processes and products along the entire value chain.

The Winter School will provide undergraduate and graduate students with an overview of the chemical and engineering challenges in developing this alternative technology. Participation in the digital event is free of charge. To register by January 21, 2022, and for more info, visit

Poster Award at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the ISE

We congratulate Ms. Johanna Hoppe for the poster award of the 72nd annual meeting of the International Society for Electrochemistry. In her work "Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the influence of electrolytes on Li2Scrystal growth" she collaborated with researchers from IAM-ET, TU Braunschweig, KAIST and the University of Bayreuth.

Group Trip Electrocatalysis


Our electrocatalysis working group spent the 9th of September on the water as part of a team-building trip. In canoes we went on the beautiful Altrheinarm near Leopoldshafen from the Old Harbour to the Schmugglermeer and back again.

Video Award of the Advanced Battery Power Conference 2021

Lars Bläubaum has received the Lecture Video Award for the best presentation video at the Advanced Battery Power Conference 2021 with his presentation "Investigation on the Gas Saturation of Electrolyte on the Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries". The whole team of the IAM-ET congratulates Mr. Bläubaum!

IAM-WET is renamed IAM-ET


11.01.2021: The Institute for Applied Materials, Sub-Institute Materials of Electrical Engineering (IAM-WET) under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer will be renamed Sub-Institute Electrochemical Technologies (IAM-ET) by resolution of the Supervisory Board as of 01.01.2021. The IAM-ET will continue to be assigned to Division 3.

New institute management at IAM-WET

On 01.04.2020 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer took over the institute management of the IAM-WET.

Carl Freudenberg Prize 2019

Award to Dr.-Ing. Philipp Braun (alumnus of the IAM-WET)
.Reinemann (IPEK-KIT)

As part of the 11th Carl Benz Memorial Lecture, the Carl Freudenberg Prize was awarded on November 28, 2019. The prize has been awarded for more than sixty years to outstanding scientific work at today's KIT. This year, Dr.-Ing. Philipp Braun (in the picture: 2nd from left), an alumnus of IAM-WET, was among the prize winners. He received the award for his dissertation on "Electrical Characterization and Modeling of Solid State Batteries", which he wrote at the Institute and with which he received his PhD with distinction at the KIT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in spring 2019.

The model he developed for lithium-ion solid-state batteries allows very precise prediction of performance at an early stage of development: "It shows the advantages of solid-state batteries compared to today's batteries and accelerates the development process from a laboratory cell to a technical system," said award winner Braun about his work. His scientific dream: "Professionally, I hope to work in this highly dynamic environment for many years to come and see the lithium-ion solid-state battery being used everywhere as a matter of course in ten years as lithium-ion batteries are used in our smartphones and electric vehicles today."

As chairman of the jury, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Albert Albers (Head of the Institute for Product Development (IPEK) at KIT, far left in the photo), who acknowledged the work of the award winners in his speech, and Dr. Julia Kubasch (second from right), Head of Scientific Networks at Freudenberg Technology Innovation, presented the certificates: In addition to Dr. Braun, Dr. Akanksha Bhutani, Mr. Matthias Luh M.Sc. and Dr. Bartosz Gladysz (from left to right) were pleased to be honored with the Carl Freudenberg Award.

This prize was donated by the Freudenberg Group on the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 1949; it is awarded every two years and this year was endowed with a total of 11,000 euros. The Carl Benz Memorial Lecture was moderated by Prof. Dr. Frank Gauterin (KIT, far right).

Sources:, Jonas Reinemann (IPEK, KIT)

ITK Student Award 2019

This year, the ITK Student Award was presented to Mr. Brian Schardt for his seminar paper in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology prepared at the IAM-WET.

Presentation of the ITK Student Award 2019: f.l.t.r. Dr. Jakobs (ITK), Brian Schardt, Dr. Menesklou (IAM-WET)

30.10.2019: During a lecture of the IAM-WET at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Brian Schardt, master student of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program, was awarded with this year's ITK Student Award . Dr. Sebastian Jakobs, Expert Engineer Functional Safety at the technology company ITK Engineering GmbH (ITK), presented Mr. Schardt with the award, which he received for his student work in which he implemented a modeling approach in Matlab that allows the calculation of battery overvoltages from an impedance. This tool is used, for example, to simulate discharge characteristics of a battery or to predict energy and power densities.

This year, the ITK Student Award was presented for the seventh time to students from all over Germany for their commitment and outstanding final and project work.

Next-generation batteries for e-mobility and stationary storage

KIT is Partner in the "FestBatt" Competence Cluster of the BMBF - Aim is the Development and Production of Novel Solid-State Batteries

Large storage capacities, short charging times and no flammable liquid electrolytes - the solid-state battery should enable safe electromobility with long ranges in the future. In the "FestBatt" competence cluster, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the development of the next generation of batteries with 16 million euros. Fourteen scientific institutions are involved, including the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The competence cluster is coordinated by the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU).

The official press release can be found here.

6th German-Japan Joint Workshop on Advanced Secondary Battery Technologies

From September 19-21, 2018, the "6th German-Japan Joint Workshop on Advanced Secondary Battery Technologies" took place at KIT. About 50 invited participants from renowned universities and research institutions from both countries met for this scientific symposium, which is dedicated to promising research work on battery technologies in Japan and Germany on an annual basis. Sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the workshop was jointly organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée (KIT Institute for Applied Materials) and Prof. Dr. Jens Tübke (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology) and opened by KIT Vice President for Research Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft.

Poster Award Winner of the 8th Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 2018

Michael Dippon won an award at the 8th AABC Europe 2018 for his poster titled "Temperature Gradients in Lithium-Ion Batteries determined by In-Situ Electrothermal Impedance Spectroscopy (ETIS)".

Award of the Poster Prize on the occasion of the 6th Battery Forum Germany 2018

Posterpreis Philipp BraunMike Auerbach für KLiB e.V.

Photo: © Mike Auerbach for KLiB e. V.

Philipp Braun won 1st place at the 6th Battery Forum Germany with his poster on "Assessment of All-Solid-State Batteries with Different Solid Electrolytes".

Presentation of the Poster Award at the 51st Annual Meeting of German Catalysts 2018 in Weimar

Jonglack Kim from the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research has won the Poster Prize at the 51st Annual Meeting of German Catalysts 2018. The poster with the title "Hierarchically porous micromonolithic structures with hybrid backbones as catalysts for intensified syngas-to-liquid processes" contains among others results of a joint project between the IAM-WET and the group of Dr. Prieto at the MPI in Mülheim. We congratulate Mr. Kim and Dr. Prieto!

Award of the Carl Freudenberg Prize 2017 to Michael Schönleber

Carl Freudenberg Preis 2017

Our former PhD student Dr.-Ing. Michael Schönleber was awarded the Carl Freudenberg Prize (1st place) for his dissertation "Method for characterizing the low-frequency behavior of lithium-ion batteries". The Carl Freudenberg Prize, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, serves to promote science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It is awarded every two years for the best scientific work with a scientific-technical background.
Unfortunately, Mr. Schönleber has left the institute after completing his doctorate and now devotes himself to the industrial implementation of his research results on modeling and simulation of lithium-ion batteries in Batemo GmbH, which he co-founded. We wish Mr. Schönleber all the best on his way and keep our fingers crossed for the success of his company!

Poster Award Winner of the 7th Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 2017

Michael Weiss won an award at the 7th AABC Europe 2017 for his poster titled "Lifetime Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries by OCV-curve Measurements and Impedance Spectroscopy".

Award of the Ernst Schoemperlen Prize 2016 to Leonie Tatzel

f.l.t.r.: Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth, vice president for innovation and international affairs at KIT, award winner Leonie Tatzel, Achim Quitz, board member S&G Automobil AG Karlsruhe

11/23/2016: During the Carl-Benz Memorial Lecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Leonie Tatzel, master student of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program, was awarded the 3rd prize of the Ernst-Schoemperlen Prize 2016 for her bachelor thesis on "Electrochemical characterization of a commercial high-performance pouch cell". With the Ernst-Schoemperlen Prize, a highly endowed award for outstanding scientific final theses and doctoral dissertations of KIT in the field of automotive engineering and automotive economics has existed in the region for about 25 years. With a total sum of € 10,000, this award stands out from the multitude of existing prizes.

IAM-WET on film

IAM-WET and its research work in the field of electromobility are part of a new image film about the Institute for Applied Materials (IAM) of KIT. This film was currently produced in the broadcasting format MRS-TV of the renowned Materials Research Society (MRS), which portrays worldwide leading research institutions in the field of materials science.

You can find a link to the film here.


Presentation of the ITK Student Award 2016

This year, the ITK Student Award was presented to Ms. Leonie Tatzel for her bachelor thesis in electrical engineering and information technology.
ITK 2016

Christian Friedrich Schönbein Award for Sebastian Dierickx M. Sc.

The Christian Friedrich Schoenbein Medal in Silver

was awarded this year

Mr . Sebastian Dierickx M. Sc.

from the Institute for Applied Materials - Materials in Electrical Engineering (IAM-WET) at KIT during the"European SOFC & SOE Forum 2016" in Lucerne.

Its scientific contribution was awarded: "Electrochemical Analysis of Sulfur Poisoning in Ni/8YSZ Cermet Anodes".

Dhe award recognizes scientists for their research work in the field of high temperature fuel cells. The "European SOFC & SOE Forum", which was attended by 500 international participants, is one of the world's most outstanding scientific events in this field. The IAM-WET team was represented there with 4 lectures and 4 posters.


Presentation of the ITK Student Award 2015

This year, the ITK Student Award was presented to Mr. Ravindra Goyal for his Bachelor thesis in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
ITK Student Award 2015

Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Breitel (ITK Engineering AG), award winner Ravindra Goyal B. Sc. (IAM-WET), Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schönleber (supervisor at IAM-WET) and Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Menesklou (IAM-WET).

28.10.2015: During the Sensors lecture, Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Breitel from ITK Engineering AG presented the award to Ravindra Goyal. The Bachelor graduate convinced the international technology company with his outstanding Bachelor thesis in the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology course. His thesis dealt with the "Validation of impedance spectra of electrochemical systems" and was an assignment of the research group Batteries at IAM-WET.

The ITK Student Award is presented to the best students of ITK Engineering's partner universities from all over Germany. Students are awarded for particularly good project work or final theses with practical relevance in technical courses of study.

Professor Ellen Ivers-Tiffée appointed Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (ECS)

Prof. Ivers-Tiffée with ECS President Prof. Daniel Scherson at the award ceremony.

15.07.2015: The Electrochemical Society (ECS)has awarded Professor Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée, head of the Institute for Applied Materials - Materials of Electrical Engineering at KIT. Materials of Electrical Engineering at KIT, on the basis of her scientific in the field of electrochemistry of high-temperature fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. and lithium-ion batteries. The presentation of the certificate took place during the 228th ECS Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) in October 2015. The ECS, founded in 1902, is one of the world's most important scientific societies in the field of solid-state and electrochemistry. electrochemistry and comprises more than 8000 members in more than 70 countries.

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BMW i3 research vehicle

One of the first vehicles fully tailored to the requirements of electric mobility from a German manufacturer, the BMW i3, was delivered to the IAM-WET on 28.10.14. The vehicle has a purely electric range of about 140 km, which can be increased to about 300 km with the help of a range extender. An interface for reading out battery-relevant data is being installed by BMW AG and enables the investigation of battery behaviour under freely definable driving profiles as part of a joint research project. The picture shows the head of the IAM-WET, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée, and the scientific staff members Dipl.-Ing. Michael Weiss, Dr.-Ing. Jörg Illig and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schönleber collecting the vehicle at BMW-Welt in Munich.

Christian Friedrich Schönbein Award for Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée

The Christian Friedrich Schönbein Medal in Gold

was awarded this year

Mrs. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée

from the Institute for Applied Materials - Materials in Electrical Engineering (IAM-WET) at KIT during the"European SOFC & SOE Forum" in Lucerne.

The award honors scientists for their research work in the field of high-temperature fuel cells. The "European SOFC & SOE Forum", which was attended by 500 international participants, is one of the world's outstanding scientific events in this field. The IAM-WET team was represented there with six talks and 4 posters.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée elected to the DFG Senate

03.07.2014: On Wednesday, 2 July 2014,the General Assembly of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, GermanResearch Foundation) elected Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée, Director of the Institute for Applied Materials - Materials in Electrical Engineering at KIT, to the DFG Senate for the place 'Materials Science and Materials Engineering'. The Senate is the most important science policy body of the largest research funding organisation and central self-governing body for science in Germany. The DFG Senate addresses the overriding concerns of research, promotes cooperation between researchers and advises governments, parliaments and authorities by issuing scientifically based statements. Three of the new Senate members are female scientists. This brings the number of female scientists in the 39-member Senate to 13.

Poster Award of the Materials Research Society for Dipl.-Math. techn. Jochen Joos

Dipl.-Math. techn. Jochen Joos will be awarded the poster prize at the 2014 Spring Materials Research Society (MRS) in San Francisco for his work on "Performance Simulation of SOFC Anodes Using a Three-Dimensional FEM Model and Microstructure Data from FIB Tomography" awarded.

Poster Prize of the Research Association for Measurement Technology, Sensor Technology and Medical Technology e.V. Dresden

posterpreis dss13

IAM-WET employees Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Menesklou and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée (institute management) and Bosch employees Martin Schreivogel, Dr.-Ing. Denis Kunz and Ralf Rosenberger were awarded a prize for the scientific poster contribution "Capacitive gas sensors based on polarizable thin films" at the 11th Dresden Sensor Symposium 2013.

Presentation of the Siemens Energy Award to Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schönleber


Our employee Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schönleber was awarded with the Siemens Energy Award at this year's Faculty Day, as the best graduate of the year 2011/2012 of the study course Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at KIT. Mr. Schönleber has been an assistant at IAM-WET since December 2011 and works in the field of lithium-ion batteries. We congratulate Mr. Schönleber very much and wish him all the best for his future!"