Research at the IAM-ET

At the Institute for Applied Materials - Electrochemical Technologies, we thrive to shape the way we will store energy and produce electricity, fuels or sustainable chemicals. Our long-standing expertise comprises the analysis and optimisation of a wide range of electrochemical (energy) technologies, ranging from batteries and fuel cells to electrolysis and electrosynthesis. Our methods development and virtual tools enable knowledge-driven improvement of the performance and durability of the technologies. Essential techniques are tailor-made models and model-based analysis and optimisation from electrode surface to cell level, dynamic analysis methods and microstructure characterisation.


Batterien – Reaktionskinetik
Batteries: Reaction Kinetics
Batterien: Zellcharakterisierung
Batteries: Cell Characteri-zation and Modeling
Fuel Cells and Electrolysis
Microstructure and Material Characterization