Philipp Oppek, M.Eng.

Philipp Oppek, M.Eng.

  • Institute for Applied Materials – Electrochemical Technologies (IAM-ET)

    Adenauerring 20b
    Gebäude 50.40
    D-76131 Karlsruhe 

Projekt 5524

Publications and Conference Contributions

Conference Contributions

  1. P. Oppek, M. Geörg, T. Goosmann, A. Weber, T. Reshetenko, U. Krewer, „ Spatially Resolved Deconvolution of Loss Processes in PEM Fuel Cells”, 241st ECS Meeting, Vancouver, 29.05.2022-02.06.2022 (talk)

  2. T. Goosmann, S. Raab, P. Oppek, A. Weber, E. Ivers-Tiffée, „Impedance-Based, Multi-physical DC-Performance-Model for a PEMFC Stack”, 241st ECS Meeting, Vancouver, 29.05.2022-02.06.2022 (talk)

  3. P. Oppek, T. Goosmann, J. Haußmann, A. Weber, „Methodology using design of experiments to maximize PEMFC performance”, 25th European Fuel Cell Forum, Online-Konferenz, 29.06.-02.07.2021 (talk)

  4. T. Goosmann, M. Heinzmann, P. Oppek, K. Schwab, P. Föllmer, A. Weber, "Impedance-based, spatially resolved DC-Performance Model for PEMFC", 25th European Fuel Cell Forum, Online-Konferenz, 29.06. - 02.07.2021 (Poster)